Can You Increase Your Penis Size After Puberty? The Truth Will Shock You!

By lexutor Mar22,2022

Can You Increase Your Penis Size After Puberty? The Truth Will Shock You!

There are millions of men worldwide that are not happy with the current size of their penises. Some men think they are too small while some just want to enhance their size even though they don’t think they are small. It is really alarming how much a man’s penis has to do with is overall character an approach towards women. Society would want us to believe that women typically like men that are ‘bigger’ and thus those men who are below the average size may feel insecure and embarrassed to get intimate with a woman. As a result, they tend to look for methods or products to give them an improvement in their length and girth.

But the question is: Can a man increase is penis size after puberty?

There are varying answers to this questions and sometimes it can be very hard to determine what’s the truth. If you have ever seen a men’s heath magazine then you may have seen some form of advertisements promoting penis enlargement pills, pumps or some gadgets of the sort that claims that they can enhance the male’s penis size. All of these promos claims that they are backed by clinical studies and are proven to work. Whether or not these are paid actors claiming to be doctors is a mystery to us!

So let us dig a little deeper to see if there is some solution to be found. After puberty, most of our body parts stop growing. If that wasn’t the case, then humans would be tall as trees. On another note though, we can enhance our features after puberty by doing exercises and practicing good eating habits while taking the necessary nutrients. So for example, if you are a skinny person you can follow a muscle building program and bulk up in the gym. This is because you can work out the muscles and supply them with protein and other nutrients to help them grow.

Your Penis On The Other Hand Is Not A Muscle!

Unlike your chest legs and arms that contains muscles, your penis is different. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) your penis doesn’t have a true muscle and so you can’t simply work it out as you would with your arms or legs. This also means that cannot simply take a pill to enlarge your penis while not affecting any other parts of your body.

What About Gadgets Such As Extenders, Pumps etc?

Again this is a very controversial topic. The male enlargement industry makes billions of dollars per year and they will do everything in their power to try and prove that these methods of enlargement works. The only way to know if they do, is if you try them yourself. However, I don’t recommend that because there are a some draw backs which could pose a health risk to your manhood. (Later on I’ll tell you what I recommend).

So Are You Stuck With A Small Penis Size?

Actually no. While there are a lot of methods that have a ton of question marks behind them, there’s one method that I do recommend. That method is the use of penile exercises. See, the problem of having a short penis has been around for decades and back in the days men use to solve that problem. But guess what? They didn’t have these fancy gadgets that are now available today! They had hundreds of exercises that they performed which are documented and available today.

So the answer to the question can a man increase his penis size after puberty is yes. He can do so by performing proven penile exercises that have been used by men of old and are still working today.

By lexutor

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